Thursday, July 22, 2010

Surrender and Intuition: the mantra for a blissful living in New Age - macro view

The New Age is dawning and people all over are coping with life with the New Energy.

Some of you are already there and some of you are on the way. And some of you are wondering what this is all about.

Surrender and Intuition: Mantra for a blissful living in the new age.

One keeps hearing about it in religious and spiritual texts.
And we wonder, Surrender to WHAT?
Does it mean leaving everything and moving into the wilderness?
Does it mean negation of life?
Does it mean leaving everything that we made in life and resigning to fate?
Is it running away from life?

Did Gautama, (the Buddha) run away from life?
Or did he surrender to the call within…?
Did that surrender lead him to Buddha hood?
Did that Buddha hood levitate him to a position where people listened?
Did that change people’s lives world over, for ever?

What did Jesus do when he left his home in search of Truth?
Surrendering to his Intuition?
Is that what took him to the East where he realized his Christ hood?
Returning as Jesus the Christ?
Touching people like no one else did?

Was Krishna operating on Surrender when he did all his Leela's?
Was Krishna in surrender when he was guiding the army of the Pandavas?

So what is a life in surrender?
Is listening to the intuition with rapt attention, surrender?
Or is it following that intuitive call with complete faith that is surrender?
Is intuition the Spirit Guide within that guides us to a life in surrender?

A life in Surrender is a life of surrender to the Universe Within.
Surrendering to the Universe within is surrender to the intuitive calls from within.
Listening to the intuition and following it up in complete Knowingness is Surrender.
Intuition is your inner Guide to a life in surrender.

Intuition is the call from your Higher Self.
Steering you, into right path and direction, in life.
As you listen to the intuition within, and follow that intuition,
You are following your hearts call and that is surrender.
For your heart is not just an organ.
It is your direct connection with the world within.
The world within which is showing you the path to a blissful living.
Every moment, moment to moment.

So what prevents you from taking that call?
Possibly, because you can’t hear that call under the cacophony of thoughts that inundate your mind and immersing the intuition so deep that it is never heard.

How do you hear it?
By Silencing your mind.
By moving into Stillness.
By Meditating on your Breath.
That way you will hear, Your call!

So what prevents you from taking that call?
Possibly because you don’t trust, that it would lead you to the result that you want.

How do you develop trust?
By trial and error!!!
By just trusting.

Take that leap of faith… that plunge…
That would catapult You among the Leagues of Greats!

Surrender is pro life with no action.
Moving you from Hard Work to Smart Work to No Work.
Complete Surrender is when and where your Universe decides what is right for you
While you play Poker!
How simple and easy and exciting it is!!!

Letting go off the control…
Letting go off the desire to create by self…
Surrender to the inner universe which knows everything within and without
As you wake up to that reality…
As you accept that,
Surrender becomes more solidified in your life.

Following intuition is
the path of NO resistance.
Mantra for a blissful living in the new age.
That is the New Way.

Flowing with the Universe within.